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’ And again, he said, ‘Brunettes.’ He followed that up with, ‘I have to try, don’t I?’” That frat-boy mentality is obviously not just reserved for the party circuit. Every Saturday in October I'll be submitting a brand new White Hearts piece, Nightmare Before Christmas themed! I've also been on a huuuuuuge Kingdom Hearts kick lately.Początkowo to dla Agaty problem, bo nie jest już ze swoim ukochanym Dębskim.

In 2015 (the most recent study), women working in real estate in the New York metro area made up 27.3 percent of senior-level positions and 40.4 percent of entry- and midlevel roles, according to the U. “As long as the developers are 100 percent male and hugely successful and powerful and building tall towers, I don’t think you are going to see that much change,” Corcoran said. ” The overt reference to the sexual harassment charges lodged against the former “Today” show host prompted cheers all around. And this holiday season has actually been somewhat G-rated, sources say, as the industry takes stock and companies scale back parties amid the market slowdown and a heightened awareness of sexual inappropriateness in the wake of the Harvey Weinstein scandal. And in commercial real estate, especially, these events are often 90 percent male. ” For both men and women in the high-octane, high-testosterone New York City real estate world, this kind of frat-boy behavior is par for the course in an industry that is known for its big egos and fierce competition.For many, it’s just the way deals get done, whether it happens during after-work partying, on the golf course, during a Knicks game, at a strip club or at a trade show.It should be noted that the culture is starkly different in different sectors of the industry — from the buttoned-up MBA, corporate world of REITs to the boiler-room-style title insurance business.

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