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It is very good, albeit somewhat complicated, to eat; simpler for the eventual diner if the cook minces the meat and forms it into cakes, as described in Apicius...The lobster (Homarus Gammarus) is Greek askakos..., Latin astacus and elephantus; the latter name is seldom attested in classical texts but was certainly in use, since it survives in modern Italian dialects." ---Food in the Ancient World From A-Z, Andrew Dalby [Routledge: London] 2003 (p.People who lived near water (oceans, seas, lakes, rivers) naturally took advantage of the foods offered by these resources.

Lobsters were not only plentiful in early New England, they were large.By 1880, there were twenty-three lobster canneries in Maine...Fresh lobsters, made more widely available by improved transportation, were increasingly preferred." ---America's Founding Food: The Story of New England Cooking, Keith Stavely & Kathleen Fitzgerald [University of North Carolina Press: Chapel Hill NC] 2004 (P.Anne Wilson [Academy Chicago: Chicago] 1991 "Lobster, much as today, was considered especially elegant and appropriate food for lovers, being an aphrodesiac.There is a common perception that lobster was considered a poor man's food, and this many have been in the case in colonial New England but not back in Europe.

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Higginson reported some weighing twenty-five pounds. But lobsters were not always a welcome sight on early colonial tables.

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