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Limited to: 25 participants To register, please email [email protected] was announced in June that Tanglin Halt will be HDB’s largest Selective En bloc Redevelopment Scheme (SERS) to date.It is one of Singapore’s oldest housing estates and one where many of the original residents (some from the kampong that predates the HDB estate) still live and work.It is a unique opprtiunity to view more than 50 original artefacts, from honorary plaques to military equipment, are displayed outside of China for the very first time.In addition, we welcome SHS members to explore the Hall after its recent gallery enhancement project.A Walking Trail with My Community Date: Time: 9am to 11.30am Meeting Point: Queenstown MRT Station Conducted by Angela Ow from My Community. We champion the preservation and propagation of history and heritage in communities and civic spaces through research, documentation and forging partnerships with various stakeholders to make heritage and civic life vibrant and enriching. The story of Queenstown began 27 September 1953 when British officials from the Singapore Improvement Trust (SIT) named the new town after Queen Elizabeth II in commemoration of her coronation in 1952.The suburb was the then the most ambitious project initiated by the SIT to tackle the overcrowding housing woes in Chinatown.

Yet,this is home to some of the richest archaeological sites in Southeast Asia.

At Ubon Ratchathani, we will visit the enigmaticprehistoric rock art at Pha Taem National Park, located on a cliff face overlooking the Mekong bordering Laos.

Our last stop takes us to Udon Thani, where we will visit the Ban Chiang World Heritage Site,one of the first sites to put Southeast Asian archaeology on the world map, and the Phu Phra Bat Historical Park, a sacred landscape featuring a long period of use from prehistoric times to the Lan Xang period.

Visit the places that have inspired our poets, and listen to these poets recite their own poems.

This programme is held in conjunction with the launch of the first mobile app focused entirely on Singapore poetry and places, Text In The City (to download, search for “Text In The City”).

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