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For scholars and medical students, this pleasantly written history provides an opportunity to view examples of these unusual problems." (Perspectives in Biology and Medicine)"An excellent history of attitudes towards intersex persons from the 17th century onward." (Choice)"Reis is an engaging writer...informative, engaging, and intersex supportive in tone.The recent ruling by a French court that a 64-year-old individual who describes himself as "intersex" can record his gender as "neutral" on official forms has been hailed by LGBT campaigners as a major victory."For 64 years I've lived with both sexes,” the person, who wants to remain anonymous, said. According to the UK Intersex Association, intersex people are not born with a sexual anatomy or biology that can be typically described as male or female.Hormones may not be produced or absorbed in the same way, and an intersex person will not usually be fertile.

Bodies in Doubt is a valuable, important book because it teaches this lesson well." (James H.

Intersexuality is a Disorder of Sex Development (DSD), according to the NHS website, which recommends assigning a gender to a child at birth.

"Your care team may advise you to delay registering your child's birth for a few days while these tests are carried out," the advice says.

Lady Colin Campbell, is a British writer and biographer of Princess Diana, refers to herself as intersex and was brought up as a boy until her teens.

"An excellent book that treats its subject matter with care and respect, and which encourages critical thinking about the issues discussed." (American Journal of Human Biology)"In telling her story, Reis has also provided an excellent collection of illustrations.

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"Afterwards, the results will be explained to you and you will have a discussion with specialists about whether to bring your baby up as a boy or a girl." However, the UK Intersex Association warns strongly against the binary idea of male and female, which it says can make being intersex so difficult.

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