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He was, in fact, closer to becoming the Harvard sophomore who launched Facemash, a much more crude piece of social software that asked fellow students to rank Harvard girls by attractiveness.This younger Zuckerberg listed "Asian girls" amid other interests like programming, playing guitar, quoting and "defeating nemeses." It's unlikely Zuckerberg's present girlfriend, medical school student and fellow Harvard alum Pricilla Chan, would have found that bit of naked fetishization particularly charming, even accounting for the fact that it was Zuckerberg seems to have kept the profile updated through at least summer 2004, when he relocated to Palo Alto to expand Facebook, but with the intention of returning to Harvard.

But the soon-to-be college dropout may also have betrayed some qualms about the looming prospect of frenzied, risky, startup life, listing "bad life decisions" among his pursuits.Facebook also tends to be more geographically oriented than the other social networks, and many colleges and communities use it as a resource for planning "real-space" events ranging from political rallies to dinner and a movie.For those more oriented towards business networking as opposed to social interactions, Linked In provides the same sort of profile and file-sharing capacities as with the added advantage of geographical groupings to enable employers, contractors, and others to connect.Initially individuals in the San Francisco area heavily populated the site (founded in 2003), but since then it has grown to thousands of "tribes" with members from all over the world.In spite of a very ugly and hacked-together page design, My has grown to be one of the top social networking sites out there, giving its members the ability to create interactive, user-submitted network of friends, personal profiles, blogs, groups, photos, music and videos.

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