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The use of Peter’s words and deeds (,32-33; 9:5-6; -30; -31,66-72) c. Perhaps Mark began his gospel before Peter’s death, and completed it after Peter’s death b. Mark puts his readers in the scene where they may visualize and feel what the evangelist has described: especially by making parenthetical statements (; , etc.) C. Mark emphasizes Jesus’ action more than his teaching (18 miracles, and 4 parables).The inclusion of the unique words “and Peter” in 16:7 d. It is also possible that Irenaeus is not referring to the death of Peter so much as to his departure (fѪ¢ª*) from the place where Mark was c. Mark is seeking for his readers to make a decision (cf. Jesus has sovereign power over all: disease, disability, demons, nature.There is evidence that the author was connected with Peter: a. Mark uses the historical present over 150 times making Jesus a contemporary of those reading (narrative tells what happens, not simply what happened) 5.The vividness and detail suggest reminiscences of a close eyewitness such as Peter (-20,29-31,35-38; -24,35-43; ,53-54; -15; ,46; -42) b. It is possible that the statements are not contradictory: a. Mark uses detail in his narrative to heighten the sense of being there (names, pillow in the boat, wild beasts in the wilderness, nicknaming of James and John, etc.) 6.

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Jesus as Messiah is being portrayed as caring for his children--the disciples d.

Jesus teaches about discipleship in light of his death and resurrection B. Matthew identifies Jesus as King, Messiah, but Mark focuses upon Jesus as servant: a.

Paul was later reconciled with Mark: 1) Mark was with Paul during his imprisonment in Rome and served as his delegate in Asia Minor (Philemon 24; Col. The church fathers (see above under “Author”) affirm that Mark’s Gospel was written in Rome for Gentile, Roman Christians B.

) 2) Paul instructed Timothy to send Mark to Rome to be with him during his final imprisonment because he was useful to him for service (2 Tim. When 1 Peter was written, Mark was with Peter in Rome and regarded as Peter’s spiritual son (1 Peter ) 2. Evidence from the Gospel supports the affirmations of the church fathers: 1. Few OT quotations or references to fulfilled prophecy are used 7.

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The description of Jesus’ prediction of the destruction of Jerusalem suggests that Mark’s Gospel was written before A. Mark presents Jesus as the Son of God (1:1,11; ; 5:7; 9:7; ; , 61-62) I. To demonstrate in an active way how to suffer during persecution--as Jesus did!

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