Alaska dating scene

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Among many popular glacier-related activities are ice climbing and exploring ice caves.There are also a few well-maintained hiking trails leading up to the glacier.Bartlett Cove, close to the park headquarters, is located in a lush coastal temperate rainforest.It is a great place for biking, hiking, boating, and fishing.More ideas: 25 Most Beautiful Places to Visit in Montana.

The best way to see the glacier is by kayaking up to its face or from a helicopter.

It is about half a mile wide, and the ice is between 300 and 1,800 feet deep.

The glacier has retreated two and half miles since the mid-1700s.

It is located where the North American and Pacific tectonic plates collide and the coastal mountains, three miles high, are still rising.

Glacier Bay covers more than three million acres of mountains, glaciers, rainforest, rugged coastlines, and deep fjords, and is one of the best things to do in Alaska.

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